Diamond Jumbolon Board

World’s Best

Insulation Material

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Produced in accordance with international specifications & standards

Fully automated extrusion process makes it possible to guarantee thoroughly closed-cell structure, excellent thermal resistant properties, resistance to the diffusion of water vapour, uniform density distribution,exceptional mechanical properties, dimentional stability, very high compressive strength, aging resistance and immunity against insects, micro organisms, pests, bacteria and rodent attacks.

Our company policy is to manufacture thermal insulation products that save energy while not causing any environmental pollution. DIAMOND Jumbolon-Board, Diamond Jumbolon Spray Foam, and Diamond Jumbolon Rolls are non-toxic, non-pollutant, non-irritant, and clean.



Wall Insulation

Roof Insulation

Water Tank Insulation

Cold Storage Insulation

Cost efficient & best in quality

Sustainable & Robust Solution

Closed cell




Super Thermal & Moisture Resistant

Available colors

Installation Methods

Non-Toxic & Light Weight Material

Method No. 1

Method No. 2