Diamond Jumbolon Rolls

Insulation Grade

Insulate and save energy

What are Diamond Jumbolon Rolls?

Closed Cell Polyethylene foam is formed with innumerable cells of Polyethylene resins. Diamond Jumbolon-Rolls with excellent results in thermal insulation, water proofing and sound proofing has been used in construction, agriculture, sports and packaging industries.

Diamond Jumbolon-Rolls the proven hi-tech P.E. Thermal Insulation has achieved outstanding reputation and increasing demand from general public, industries, public and private sector organizations.

Closed Cell Structure

Manufacturing Process

Cost efficient & best in quality

Solution For Tough Problems

Water Repellant

Acoustic repellant

Minimising  Electrical Energy

Diamond Jumbolon-Net

Individual Packing material for fruit & fragile items to keep the “freshness intact”.


 Width:  Unstretched
 (21/2)” ~ 3″
 6″ ~ 12″
 Length:  2 m
 Thickness:  10 ~ 12 mm
 Width:  Unstretched
 (21/2)” ~ 3″
 6″ ~ 12″
 Length:  2 m
 Thickness:  10 ~ 12 mm

(Other Usages)

Diamond Jumbolon-Rolls

Agriculture & Fishery

  • Covering of Green House
  • Insulation material for cold storage, fish holds,fishing boats, etc
  • Insulation and water proofing material for cattle shed, poultry shed, etc
  • Floating material for fishing and marine industry

Why choose us?

Providing You With Outstanding Features

Non Settling


Chemical Resistant

Antibacterial and Antifungal


Installation Methods

Non-Toxic & Light Weight Material

Method No. 1