Diamond Jumbolon Rolls

Insulation Grade

Insulate and save energy

What are Diamond Jumbolon Rolls?

Closed Cell Polyethylene foam is formed with innumerable cells of Polyethylene resins. Diamond Jumbolon-Rolls with excellent results in thermal insulation, water proofing and sound proofing has been used in construction, agriculture, sports and packaging industries.

Diamond Jumbolon-Rolls the proven hi-tech P.E. Thermal Insulation has achieved outstanding reputation and increasing demand from general public, industries, public and private sector organizations.

Closed Cell Structure

Manufacturing Process

Cost efficient & best in quality

Solution For Tough Problems

Water Repellant

Acoustic repellant

Minimising  Electrical Energy

Why choose us?

Providing You With Outstanding Features

Non Settling


Chemical Resistant

Antibacterial and Antifungal


Installation Methods

Non-Toxic & Light Weight Material

Method No. 1

Method No. 2

Method No. 3