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Improve thermal comfort of your home.
Save your energy bills upto 35%.
Stay cool in hot summers and comfortable in cool winters.
Save energy for industrial growth.
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The most important part of construction normally overlooked.

Nisar Mohuyddin | Business Head | Diamond Jumbolon

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Zaheer A. Sheikh | Architect | A.I.A.P

Insulation within a building is the key importance for heating and cooling systems. Most of us are not familiar with the use of insulation materials in walls, roofs and floors. Double glazing too provides better insulation than simple glazing and solar glass will perform still better. At its simplest, the more insulation your home has, the lower will be your heating and cooling bills.
Keeping in view the rising rates of energy (electricity, gas and oil) the government should impose insulation standards, responding to increasing environmental awareness in public. It is easy and effective to achieve a high standard of insulation during design and building construction. The building will always need some level of heating and cooling, first because there needs to be some passage of air from the outside to maintain freshness and second because insulation itself does not create warmth, it simply helps to retain it. With under roof heating a high proportion of the warmth is radiant with little generation of convection currents so not only does it feel more comfortable but the loss of heat from the building is reduced too.
It is important to prevent downward heat losses into the ground or into the floor below. It will not be out of place to mention that a higher level of insulation will not only reduce bills but will provide faster heating and cooling response. That’s why when cooling and heating is designed, the insulation is evaluated and the downward losses are carefully calculated to ensure that the potential for reduced running cost is fully achieved in practice. What is certain is that energy cost will continue to rise. The better the insulation in your new home the better your investment in it will become.

Zahra Ashraf | Chief Architect | Punjab

On both the local and global fronts the concern regarding environmental crises reflects a general acceptance that the present form and degree of resources exploitation, especially energy, and our associated consumption practices are unjustified to say the least, if not criminal. The challenge for present times is suitable building design that is climatically appropriate, environmentally friendly and ecologically suitable and at the same time creates livable spaces in such a way that an optimal or atleast tolerable micro-climate is created for the users, while employing as little energy and technical equipment, as possible.

Our architects, engineers and builders have to constantly battle against major factors both fixed and variable like solar radiation, air temperature, ambient radiant temperature, humidity levels, air velocity etc., to develop methods of building that offer users comfortable spaces without relying too much on mechanical cooling systems. From an ecological view point, mechanical systems are anyhow  Keeping in view the rising rate of energy (electricity, gas, petrol / oil) it is imperative that the public sector buildings should be mandated to have standardized insulation specifications.
senseless as these consume exorbitant levels of energy. Considering the present energy crises our buildings should cater to energy conservation for economy and efficiency. As human skin helps in regulating the body temperature, similarly the building skin that is the walls, roof and floors play a strategic role in energy efficiency of the building. Hence insulation of the entire building envelop (walls, roof and floor) is the key to success. Recent studies on cost effectiveness of thermal insulation in weather zones similar to Pakistan show that thermal insulation can be used economically to remove at least 30% of the building cooling load. Insulation boards, foams, etc., employed in the private sector are increasingly contributing in energy efficiency in buildings. It is pertinent to mention here that the initial costs of insulation materials would be offset in terms of reduced energy consumption.

Aqrab All Rana | CEO | PGBC

We are pleased that Diamond Jumbolon Board has obtained Platinum Membership of Green Building Council, and thus has confirmed its credentials as being environment friendly. Pakistan Green Building Council is a non profit organization whose objective is to help set up the foundation for a great and sustainable future for our nation and country. Towards this it strives to develop communities and buildings which are energy efficient and are environment friendly. Pakistan Green Building Council works directly under the purvey of world Green Building Council which has over 102 member countries. Our mission is to develop awareness and a sense of responsibility in the general public, for a healthy and quality life style and further more share & promote technology for green buildings, so that there is minimum damage to the environment.

Sikandar Pasha | Consumer resident| DHA, Lhr

All our guests and visitors are amazed that even in peak summer heat the temperature inside our house is so low and the rooms so cool. To their question as to how is this possible, my only answer is that we have insulated our house with Diamond Jumbolon Board.
I had taken the decision even before starting construction of this house because in our old house the upper storey of the building used to become unbearably hot and we had to perforce shift to the ground floor for the summer. Therefore while building our new house I did some market research and arrived at the conclusion that Diamond Jumbolon Board was the right solution for my house. I used 4″ thick Diamond Jumbolon sheets in the roof and 1″ inch thick sheets in the walls and consequently, i did not have to use any ACs this month of May and only in the second week of June, when the outside temperature reached 44°C, that I felt the need to use the AC for a few hours. Now I live in the upper storey of our new house and we never get to know when the electricity off or came back. Truly getting a house insulated is a sensible decision. 

As human skin helps in controlling the body temperature, in similar fashion the skin of a building plays a vital role in increasing the energy efficiency of the building. Thus insulation of all surfaces is the key to success.

The Nation

Diamond Jumbolon offers energy efficiency solutions LAHORE (PR): ‘We use only the highest quality insulation products to maximize your home’s comfort, savings and energy efficiency” NisarMohyudin, spokesman for Diamond Jumbolon, said during his lec-ture at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. ‘We send dedicated, trained, experi-enced installation professionals who show the utmost respect for you, your home and your property,” Nisar claimed, referring to the services offered by Diamond jumbolon. “You don’t have to sacrifice a comfortable home in a quest for energy savings.


As climate change heats up, Diamond lumbolon offers energy efficiency solutions. Let’s face it. Insulation is not fun nor do homeowners think about it often. Especially in Pakistan, people prefer to choose comfy furniture, pick out paint colors or select appliances. But an international workshop on Climate Change and Building Design recently exploded interesting benefits of home insulation. “We use only the highest quality insulation products to maximize your home’s comfort, savings and energy efficiency,” Nisar Mohyudin, spokesman for Diamond Jumbolon, said during his lecture at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. PRESS RELEASE

Daily Times

‘Climate Change and Building Design’ : Intl workshop on benefits of home insulation held. An international workshop on ‘Climate Change and Building Design’ recently exploded interesting benefits of home insulation in the months of summer. Insulation is not At not- do homeowners think about it often in Pakistan. People instead prefer to choose comforting furniture, pick out paint colours or select alternate appliances. “We use only the highest quality insulation products to maximise your home’s comfort, savings and energy efficiency,” said Diamond Jumbolon spokesman Nisar Mohyudin during his lecture at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) in Lahore. “We send dedicated, trained and experienced installation professionals who show the utmost respect for you, your home and your property,” Nisar claimed, referring to the setvices offered by Diamond Jumbolon. “Al don’t have to sacrifice a comfortable home in a quest Al energy savings. In fact, the two can go hand-in-hand. Diamond Jumbolon has gone to great lengths to design buildings that don’t use a lot of energy but still promote comfort,” he added. Diamond Jumbolon, main sponsor of the workshop, is in the business of helping homeowners to save thousands of rupees over the course of home ownership through the installation of high-quality residential home insulation. The workshop aimed at determining the preparedness of Pakistani professionals to adapt to climate change, and to develop resources and projects, which would build that capacity.
Prof Norbert Lechner, an expert in energy responsive architectural design, also illustrated the importance of insulation not just as a winter energy saver, but also to help keep the home cool in the summer. “When the sun is out, it will shine down on windows and amplify the heat. Use blinds and reflective materials in your windows to minimise the impacts of solar gain,” he advised. Norbert said the successful design of buildings relies on an appropriate understanding of the climate. He talked about incorporating passive solar design features to reduce the need for heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer.
The idea behind the workshop was to create a greater understanding of issues like global warming, which is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet.