Arch. Muhammad Hassan Zakir

Director: Construction Consortium

We have used diamond jumbolon insulation sheets in our several projects and results were excellent. We came through this conclusion that its the best way to prevent our house from high temperatures of our country. After switching off  Ac’s cooling lasts for 10 hours in a room due to perfect insulation of  walls and roofs. Ac’s cooling is so swift where this insulation has been applied. We recommend only diamond jumbolon to our valuable clients because of our best experience with them.

Zahra Ashraf

On both the local and global fronts the concern regarding environmental crises reflects a general acceptance that the present form and degree of resources exploitation, especially energy, and our associated consumption practices are unjustified to say the least, if not criminal.

Arch. Hassan Ahmad

It is amazing, our house never got heated up even in the hottest days of summers. Getting our house insulated with Diamond Jumbolon back in 2016, has been a wonderful experience. Now when Summers is in the air and the Holy month of Ramazan is approaching, I urge people to install insulation on their walls and roofs. People coming in my house for the past year were astonished with the cooling effect in the house, which was possible due to 2″ diamond Jumbolon Sheet installed on the roof and 1.5″ in the walls. Design of house was planned according to Sun Path direction, there is no window installed in the west elevation due to direct sunlight, the 1.5″ insulated wall does the magic!

Sikandar Pasha

All our guests and visitors are amazed that even in peak summer heat the temperature inside our house is so low and the rooms so cool. To their question as to how is this possible, my only answer is that we have insulated our house with Diamond Jumbolon Board.