Established in 2005

DIAMOND JUMBOLON Board first time in Pakistan.

We use state of the art technology for producing DIAMOND JUMBOLON Board
( Extruded PolyStyrene Board) according to ASTM C 578 to match international
quality Standards of manufacturing. Further to our efforts for delivering quality
products to our clients, we have earned ISO 9001-2015 quality certification. Our
team has a vast experience in insulating and water proofing of buildings.
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Change your life style

Improve Comfort & Durability

Stop heat transfer to roof and walls

Improve thermal comfort

Save money

Get your home



& avail long term benefits.

Minimize Energy


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Why choose us?

DIAMOND JUMBOLON Board insulation sheets stop heat transfer to nearly zero.

Near-zero energy buildings are becoming the global construction standard.
Making buildings Energy Efficient to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions is an “urgent need.” Diamond Jumbolon Board with its higher Thermal Resistance Value, excellent Compressive strength and extremely long working life makes it an excellent choice for building insulation to make Net-Zero Energy Buildings.

Zaheer A. Sheikh

Insulation within a building is the key importance for heating and cooling systems. Most of us are not familiar with the use of insulation materials in walls, roofs and floors. Double glazing too provides better insulation than simple glazing and solar glass will perform still better.

Aqrab All Rana

We are pleased that Diamond Jumbolon Board has obtained Platinum Membership of Green Building Council, and thus has confirmed its credentials as being environment friendly.

Zahra Ashraf

On both the local and global fronts the concern regarding environmental crises reflects a general acceptance that the present form and degree of resources exploitation, especially energy, and our associated consumption practices are unjustified to say the least, if not criminal.

Sikandar Pasha

All our guests and visitors are amazed that even in peak summer heat the temperature inside our house is so low and the rooms so cool. To their question as to how is this possible, my only answer is that we have insulated our house with Diamond Jumbolon Board.

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